Sports and Entertainment Loan

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We possess a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in contracts, 1099 forms, bonuses, licensing, commissions, and royalties. This expertise enables us to evaluate loans through unconventional means. Hence, we've introduced our sports and entertainment division to assist individuals who are unable to qualify for traditional loans due to factors such as lack of tax returns or inconsistent income. Many of our clients are in transitional phases, dealing with job changes, injuries, or awaiting finalized contracts with professional teams or studios.

In the realm of sports, we collaborate with prominent figures in organizations such as the NBA, NHL, MLB, WNBA, UFC, NFL, MLS, and WBA. Notably, we've recently supported athletes associated with esteemed teams like the Miami Heat, Miami CF, Florida Panthers, and Miami Dolphins.

In the entertainment sector, we maintain close partnerships with actors, directors, writers, and producers. It's important to emphasize that all client information is treated with utmost confidentiality through signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). We prioritize our clients' privacy and handle their affairs with the highest level of discretion.